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Dehradun Smart City Mission

Background of the Smart City Mission: To provide for the aspiration and needs of the citizen, urban planners need to aim at developing the entire urban eco-system, which is represented by the four pillars of comprehensive development – institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure. This can be a long-term goal but cities can work towards developing such comprehensive infrastructure and improving quality of life incrementally, adding on layers of ‘Smartness’ through planned, inclusive and sustainable interventions.


City Profile:   
Total No. of Wards 60
Population (As per Census 2011) 569578
Ward covered in SCM Fully Covered – 18,19,20,21,23,24
  Partially Covered -11,12,15,17
Population of SCM Wards 69135
Vision Elements s   Safe Mobility

s   Green

s   Smart Planned

s   Economically vibrant

s   Clean

s   Healthy

SCM Goals s   Congestion free city

s   Slum free city by – 2022

s   Green city by – 2030

s   Smart, Planned sustainable city

s   An Innovation and Business hub

s   Clean and Healthy city

s   Heritage restoration

Total Investment Plan:
Smart City Fund 1000 Cr.
Convergence 236 Cr.
PPP 171.5 Cr.
Total Smart City Capital: 1407.5 Cr.
Area Profile:
  354 ha/ 875 acre
Road Length – 35 Km. approximate(Major Road)

Residential – 1.3 Sqkm/36.7% approximate

Green – 0.18 Sq.kms/5% approximate/

Commercial & PSP – 1.02(28%) & 0.57(16%) Sq.kms& approximate

Component wise Project Proposed in smart city proposal:
Area –based development (ABD)
Retrofitting –
ABD Rejuvenation of city core at Tehsil
ABD Core area Rejuvenation at DAV & DBS College Area
ABD Integrated Traffic & Transport mgmt.
ABD 200 e-rikshaws (Convg. FAME)
ABD Junction improvement
ABD Public Transport with 30 Electric Buses, Interactive Bus-Stops, WiFi and touch-screen kiosks; (Convg. FAME)
ABD Parking provisions (Tehasil, Clock Tower, Astley hall)
ABD Routes rationalization of Public Transport Modes (Policy)
ABD Smart Model Road
ABD 5,000 Trees plantation (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD Gandhi park redevelopment (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD Solar Rooftop of government buildings;
ABD 100 KM Storm water drains (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD Sewerage Line Project
ABD Smart Water Meters & SCADA (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD Green Building -Nagar Nigam Building;
ABD Underground utility ducting (35 Km);
ABD Core area rejuvenation at Tehsil
ABD Model Kids Theme City
ABD Redevelopment of co-operative office;
ABD 26 bio digester Toilets (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD SWM -underground smart bins (Convg. DMC)
ABD Solar Powered Water ATM (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD Pedestrianisation of Paltan Bazar (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD Astley hall rejuvenation with façade improvement in colonial architecture; (Convg. AMRUT)
ABD Clock Tower Heritage Restoration
ABD Recreating the old colonial charm of Paltan bazar with façade improvement.
CONV Housing for All (Convg. PMAY, MDDA)
CONV Technology infused training platform in collaboration with Ministry of HRD program of Project Swaayam
CONV PMMAY, PJJY, PMJDY, Accessible India Campaign
CONV Startup India, Make in India, Digital India Convergence.
POLICY Policy for Sector specific Industries
POLICY Rainwater harvesting For buildings (policy)
Pan City initiative:
PAN Citizen Outreach Program
PAN Command Control Center
PAN Mobile App
PAN iPoles
PAN City Fiber
PAN Network of Education institutes through citizen outreach program
PAN Smart Healthcare : Smart Ambulance