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E-Participation is about fostering civic engagement and open, participatory governance through Information and Communications Technologies. Growing evidence points to the rapid expansion of e-Participation as a tool for engagement and strengthened collaboration between governments and citizens.

Its objective is to improve access to information and public services as well as to promote participation in policy-making, both for the empowerment of individual citizens and the benefit of society as a whole.

Towards this end of the Uttarakhand Government has adopted the Policy for Citizen Engagement of the (Government of India) and launched the Uttarakhand Portal Platform which enables citizen participation in nation building though online discussions, polls, dialogues and citizen submissions.

General Guide for e-Participation

1. Visit the Uttarakhand Portal

2. Check the various open Events and guidelines for each event.

3. Note the hashtags for events conducted through Social Media

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Ongoing Events

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